About InSite Realty

Company Overview

InSite is a commercial real estate development, management and leasing company with a primary focus to determine investment opportunities and through disciplined execution of asset management, property management, and project leasing to maximize and capture the value of commercial real estate investments and ultimately provide significant returns for our clients.


InSite has delivered higher than expected returns due to a commitment to integrity while operating all assets with an ownership mindset. InSite represents the asset investment or product, and InSite is very selective when choosing which asset to represent.


With a sense of integrity, InSite operates without conflict representing the investment and providing the greatest return. InSite's lack of conflict is unique in a commercial real estate industry where many companies try to be "all things to all clients" and represent both the tenants / users and the end products.


InSite operates many properties owned by unrelated clients and InSite controlled properties which are owned by separate partnerships in which InSite individuals have an investment. Due to InSite's direct investment in or ownership of many properties, InSite has established management and leasing procedures and controls which meet and exceed those of a direct owner.

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